Here are just a sample of the Tenor singers we have and what they say about being in our Choir! They may be lady tenors but they all have amazing voices!



"I love being a part of the Chelmsford Gospel Choir. It's fulfilled my childhood dream, to be part of a community gospel choir. I always envied those brilliant singers like, Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklyn and Chaka Khan who said they'd sang in gospel choirs as children. However I was blessed to be in a Secondary school that loved music from Verdi's Sanctus Requiem to Bugsy Malone. Then I sang, recorded and performed in a reggae group as a backing singer. I've even had the great opportunity to sing whilst using English Deaf signing (so beautiful) as a church missionary in North England!

I, until recently, loved to sing Alto and especially loved to hear and make up harmonies. Now, because of our wonderful music Director, my voice has been trained to Tenor and the harmonies (when I get them) now sound even richer!

I'm grateful for MY faith, but also glad that CGC embraces all people, whether they have faith in the God we sing of or not. It's what they FEEL that counts. Remember... be not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained 'angels' unaware. (Hebrews 13.2)"




"I grew up the youngest if of large musical family surrounded by every type of music from blues, my favourite, to pop. There were regular jam session during which I learned to sing in harmony. I first heard the choir at an international festival in Chelmsford and joined them shortly afterwards. The choir has not only given me the perfect outlet for my love of harmonies but also surrounded me with open and genuinely caring people."





"The last time I sang was at school - nearly 20 years ago now. I loved being part of the group, part of the complete sound, filling in the harmonies in the alto section. It was a Catholic school, so we sang big, choral, religious pieces. Faith didn't remain with me, but the love of music did, so a part of me has always wanted to join a choir again.... Then I came across Chelmsford Gospel Choir during the Essex One World Festival in 2010. The choir held open rehearsals for anyone to join in. I was hooked. Everyone is friendly and welcoming, the choir director is amazing and our sound is stunning. However tired I am on a Thursday evening, I leave our rehearsal feeling relaxed, happy and energized."