Soparanos group



"All my life I thought I could not sing.  I indulged myself in the privacy of my own home, but never in public.  Then I saw an advertisement calling for members for the Chelmsford Gospel Choir where it said that you don't have to be able to sing!!  Was this a choir created just for me, I wondered?!  Thanks to CGC, I have been given the chance to do something that I find therapeutic, uplifting, and restorative.  It has helped me in so many ways, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to sing.  Thank you too for fellow members for putting up with me and a musical director with patience and encouragement."




"I have always loved singing, as a child I sang in the Salvation Army Singing Company. I joined the Chelmsford Mission Choir after Singing at Mission England. When that Choir folded 3 years ago I was at a loss - but not for long! I heard that a Gospel Choir was starting in Chelmsford and I have been truly blessed by the fellowship and the joy we share in singing Gospel Music."





"Chelmsford has always been my hometown and holds numerous happy memories. My joy of singing goes back many years to the Chelmsford Cathedral School, where I attended as a young child. After my children had grown up, I joined a local choir that was formed to support the visit to England in 1984, of Billy Graham the American Christian Evangelist. After he returned to America the choir kept together for the next 24 years, and became known as the Chelmsford Mission Choir, sadly it ceased when our choir leader retired. In 2008 along with other Mission Choir members, I joined the newly formed Chelmsford Gospel Choir. It was different, exciting and the fellowship we share is something I value greatly."





"I enjoy singing and am very happy to have found this great choir.  It has helped my confidence grow and I have met so many lovely people.  I am very grateful to the people who make this choir possible and to our supporters."